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  • Duration 3
  • Best Season: Year-round (suitable weather)
  • Departure From: Kathmandu
  • Arrival on: Pokhara
  • Group Size: Individual or Guided
  • Breakfast: Breakfast | Meal | Dinner or Self

Hiking is the easiest type of adventure which you can relish in Nepal. Imagine the moments hiking to traditional villages, steep ascends/descends, lush wilderness, fast-flowing rivers, charming lakes, green valleys and other natural landscapes. Mild strenuous hiking offers you the classic views of the highest peaks and mountain ranges.

You also enjoy fascinating sightseeing areas, cultural villages and camping sites. In addition, the enchanting views of the Himalayas from top viewpoints, golden sunrise/sunset views, terraced farming, waterfalls, rivers, green hills, wildlife and vegetation give you the inner heart happiness. Also, you meet local ethnic villages, observe their lifestyle, receive their organic hospitality and enjoy the culture.

If you are not physically fit or have a time constraint for trekking, hiking is the best option. Hiking also can give you breathtaking views of the Himalayas, plains, valleys and many more. There are many hiking trails in Nepal. For example, the Kathmandu valley has more than 50 hiking routes ranging from easy to difficult.


Lonely Nepal Team promises you to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. We heartily welcome you to our company. We offer you genuine hospitality and lodging and take care of your health and safety. With our full support, you can easily accomplish your Hiking and make your dream come true.


You are with Lonely Nepal Team – a genuine trekking company with professional and experienced guides and strong licensed pilots.

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Lonely Nepal Team

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Best Hiking Trails/Routes:

  1. Near Kathmandu
    1. Shivapuri
    2. Sundarijal
    3. Namobuddha
    4. Nagarkot
    5. Champadevi
    6. Kakani
    7. Phulchoki
    8. Nagarjun
    9. Chandragiri Hills


  1. Near Pokhara
    1. Dhampus
    2. Sarankot Hill
    3. World Peace Stupa
    4. Sarankot Naudanda
    5. Poon Hill

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  • Hikking Info: 3

  • Hikking Info: 3

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    Customer Reviews

    • April 21st, 2022

    My sister and I went on a trip to Nepal in Oct 2018. We got in touch with Ram of Lonely Nepal Travels after a few of our friends reccomended him to us, and we were so glad we did! Nepal has so much to offer, and our trip was planned according to our interests and what we wanted to do. It included everything from visiting town squares and cultural/religious sites, to some adventure like bungee jumping/white water rafting/paragliding, and a trek to Poon Hill.

    Everything was taken care of, down to the smallest details, and the guide was so kind as to invite us out for a traditional Nepalese dinner the day we landed in Kathmandu.

    I am already looking forward to planning another trip to Nepal, one exclusively for trekking, with Lonely Nepal Travels’ very experienced guides.


    Jeff N
    • April 21st, 2022

    Ram & his team are highly resourceful! He was able to help us in making the perfect 10 Day plan in Nepal that suits our wants.
    It was smooth, fun and breath taking
    We never worried about a thing, Ram took care of all the details allowing us to really enjoy every minute
    I highly recommend Lonely Nepal Travels for anyone visiting Nepal either on a mission or an adventure 🤙

    • April 21st, 2022

    We went on a 10-day trip to Nepal and had the most amazing time with Ram and the team. They were always there for us, with us throughout our journey to make sure that we were having a blast.
    We went on a 4-days hike, visited Pokhara and Kathmandu, known and unknown places, temples and churches. We had the best local food inside and outside the cities.
    I personally highly recommend Lonely Nepal Travels, they were all so positive, so welcoming and had great knowledge of the history of the country, the traditions, the religions and the areas we were visiting.

    Thank you Ram! We had a great time and will definitely see you again soon!