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  • Duration 3
  • Best Season: Year-round (suitable weather)
  • Departure From: Kathmandu
  • Arrival on: Pokhara
  • Group Size: Individual or Guided
  • Breakfast: Breakfast | Meal | Dinner or Self

Nepal is one of the world’s best places for Paragliding adventure lovers. Pokhara – the most popular destination for Paragliding in Nepal attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists. Soaring the thermals over Pokhara, relishing the incredible views of Phewa Tal (Lake) and Annapurna Mountains is a one-in-lifetime experience. Fly with hawks in the sky over green hills, cloaked monasteries and exotic jungles witnessing spectacular snow-capped mountains, dotted rural villages, tranquilizing Phewa Lake and lush Pokhara Valley.

You can also enjoy Paragliding in Kathmandu, Bandipur, Sirkot, Dharan and Udayapur. In Kathmandu, you can fly from the top of Chap Kharka, Godavari. Enjoy the complete view of Kathmandu valley with the Langtang Himal view on the backdrop.

Book and enjoy solo flights and go paragliding accompanied by hawks. For new adventure explorers, our experienced pilots give you strong wings and fly together. You can choose to fly with world-class pilots or solo or tandem.

Lonely Nepal Team promises you to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. We heartily welcome you to our company. We offer you genuine hospitality and lodging and take care of your health and safety. With our full support, you can easily accomplish your Paragliding and make your dream come true.


You are with Lonely Nepal Team – a genuine trekking company with professional and experienced guides and strong licensed pilots.

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Lonely Nepal Team

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You'll see in Trip


When you land at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will meet our representative. He/she will greet you and drive to our luxury Nepali authentic restaurant and assist you to check-in at Thamel. So, please keep your eyes on someone holding a placard with your name or our company’s name – Lonely Nepal.

In the evening, we arrange a short introduction meeting. You will meet your guide, and our trekking expert will provide you with all the detailed information about the trek.

We offer you a welcome dinner and you simply take a rest at the restaurant. Overnight, you stay at our restaurant and restore your energy to accomplish your upcoming adventurous Paragliding in Pokhara.

  • Hikking Info: 3

Early in the morning, we take a warm breakfast. Then, we start our lovely trip to Pokhara via a luxury tourist bus. On the way, you witness the picturesque green landscapes, farm terraces, and rows of settlements on both sides of the road. Also, capture the beauty of distant mountains, close gigantic hills, rural settlements, fast-flowing rivers (Trishuli, Narayani and Marsyangdi).

If you feel tired of a long bus journey, then you have the option of flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara (about 25 minutes) at an extra cost. The choice is yours.

Ultimately, you reach Pokhara – the city of lakes, multi-culture and the main tourist hub. We transfer you to the hotel. You get freshen up and take a rest. In the evening, you can go for an evening walk around the lakeside city and explore vivid Pokhara.

Before you go to bed, you will receive a short briefing about the trek tomorrow’s adventure.

  • Hikking Info: 3

Today, after taking an early breakfast, we drive you to Sarankot before the sun rises. Observe golden sun rising from Annapurna ranges. Beneath, you can see beautiful lakes and Pokhara city.

After that, we prepare for paragliding from the top of the Sarankot. You fly like a bird enjoying astonishing mountain views of the Himalayan peaks, cluster villages, monasteries with prayer flags, green jungles and finally land at the back of pristine Phewa Lake.

After taking lunch in Pokhara, we drive back to Kathmandu in a luxury tourist bus or private vehicle. On the way, you enjoy the scenic pastoral landscapes, terrace farming, green rolling hills, fast-flowing rivers and rows of settlements on both sides of the road.

After 6-7 hours of a comfortable journey, we reach Kathmandu and transfer you to the hotel. You can take a rest or explore the streets and markets in Kathmandu. Even you can enjoy various cuisines at different restaurants in Thamel – the No. 1 tourist city in Nepal.

  • Hikking Info: 3

On this final day, offering you a delicate breakfast, we transfer to the Tribhuvan International airport via our private transportation. We bid a happy ‘Goodbye’ to you and wish you a safe flight.

  • Hikking Info: 3

8:00 am Breakfast, Pick up and Dive to Godavari to Chap Kharka

9:00 am Preparation

9:30 am – 10:00 am Experience the thrill of paragliding

10:30 am Lunch

11:30 am – 1:30 pm Explore Godavari Area

2:30 pm Drive back to Kathmandu

3:30 pm Explore Kathmandu or Departure to your destination


Book your Paragliding in Kathmandu with Lonely Nepal Trek. We promise you to provide the best quality paragliding services, security and proper guidance plus assistance. Be ready to collect the most beautiful memories, natural-thrilling moments and life-changing activities.

Other popular places for Paragliding: Bandipur, Dharan and Udayapur


  • Hikking Info: 3

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