Upper Dolpo Trek


Trips Fact

  • Duration 24
  • Max-Altitude: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass
  • Best Season: Spring (February – May) and Autumn (September – November)
  • Departure From: Kathmandu
  • Arrival on: Kathmandu
  • Group Size: Min. 2 – Max. 12
  • Breakfast: Meal | Breakfast
  • Diffculty: Moderate to Strenuous
Upper Dolpo Trek

Trekking in the Upper Dolpo Trek, you cover narrow valleys to wide Tarap valleys, semi-desert highlands to pristine snow-capped mountains, crystal clear dazzling lakes and green forests to rushing rivers. Upper Dolpo Trek offers you Dolpo’s extraordinary natural beauty captured in the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Caravan’. Also, you witness the pristine water of Shey-Phoksundo Lake. Enjoy the most scenic mountains, hidden valleys and ancient shrines such as Shey Gompa.

Your trek to Upper Dolpo starts after flying from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Juphal in the Dolpa district. Then, you walk to various traditional villages, trek to Shey-Phoksundo Lake, step along the Tarap valley, stroll along the Bheri River and pass Jeng La Pass. You visit Yangze Gompa, observe Buddhist culture and enjoy rural hospitality.

Visit Dolpo region – out of the world. Opened up for tourism in 1989, Upper Dolpo Region Trek offers you unforgettable adventures in your life – Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Sisne, Mt. Kanjirowa, Lake Phoksundo, Tibetan plateau, yak caravans and over 130 Gompas. You pass through Himalayan passes, reach Dho-Tarap – one of the highest settlements on earth, meet Himalayan people (Tibetan origin), observe their Buddhist culture, visit Gompas and feel the warmth of organic hospitality.

In addition, you trek in the Shey-Phoksundo National Park – the country’s largest conservation area, accompanied by natural flora and fauna, see several species of birds and animals, may encounter Himalayan sheep, musk deer, jackals and snow leopards.

Do not feel shocked seeing growing crops, animal husbandry and trading at this higher altitude. In Dolpo, crops (mainly barley) can be grown once a year. In some lower villages, we see people growing buckwheat, oilseed, potato and radish. You will explore the harsh life of the Dolpali people.

Book your Upper Dolpo Trek with Lonely Nepal Trek. We promise you to provide the best quality trekking services, security and proper guidance plus assistance. Be ready to collect the most beautiful memories, natural-thrilling moments and life-changing activities.

  • Witness Dolpo’sextraordinary natural beauty captured in the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Caravan’.
  • Touch and feel lake Phoksundo’s sparkling turquoise water
  • Reach Dho-Tarap valley – one of the highest settlements on earth
  • One of the most popular trekking regions in Nepal
  • Meet Himalayan people and their lifestyle, observe Buddhist monasteries, architecture and traditions
  • Slightly easier, safer, economical (time & money) than Everest Base Camp Trip
  • Average physical fitness trekkers can easily accomplish
  • Well-experienced licensed guides, strong porters and supportive crew members
  • Physically less challenging journey, and heavenly natural pleasure – Collect lifetime experiences
  • One of the most satisfying treks among all destinations in Nepal.

You'll see in Trip


When you land at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will meet our representative. He/she will greet you and drive to our luxury Nepali authentic restaurant and assist you to check-in at Thamel. So, please keep your eyes on someone holding a placard with your name or our company’s name – Lonely Nepal.

In the evening, we arrange a short introduction meeting. You will meet your guide, and our trekking expert will provide you with all the detailed information about the trek.

We offer you a welcome dinner and you simply take a rest at the restaurant. Overnight, you stay at our restaurant and restore your energy to accomplish your upcoming adventurous trip to Upper Dolpo Trek.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, you are going to enjoy the Kathmandu Valley Tour – the city full of World Heritage Sites, Nepali culture and many more to explore.

Early morning, we offer you a warm breakfast and your sightseeing starts with our city guide. At first, you visit Pashupatinath Temple – the holiest Hindu Temple on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River, then move to Boudhanath Stupa – the biggest Buddhist Stupa architecture in the world. After that, we drive you to Patan Durbar Square. In addition, we take you to Swayambhunath Stupa – the 2000 years old legendary stupa on the hilltop also nick-named as monkey temple. Finally, we come to Kathmandu Durbar Square, observe Kumari Temple (living goddess temple), Nautale Durbar, the Kaal Bhairav, the Swet Bhairav, the freak streets and more.

Your exciting city tour finishes in the evening. You take a delicious dinner and take a rest collecting energy for the upcoming adventure.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Your Upper Dolpo Trek starts today. We catch an early flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj – one of the main cities and business hubs of Nepal. After a flight of around 30 minutes, we land at Nepalgunj airport. Then, we drive you to the guesthouse. You visit some interesting places in Nepalgunj.

Overnight, we stay here in Nepalgunj.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Having warm breakfast early in the morning, we drive you to the Nepalgunj airport and catch a flight to the Dolpo region. After a scenic mountain flight of half an hour, we land at Juphal airport – the only airport in the Dolpo region.

From Juphal airport, we walk passing farmland, and then along the bank of the Bheri River. Further, strolling on the narrow gorges for a few hours, we reach Dunai – the administrative headquarters of Dolpa district.

In the evening, you can explore and enjoy the Dolpali lifestyle, culture and habitat. Overnight, we stay here at Dunai.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

After a delicious breakfast, our trek to Renje starts from Dunai. We trek along the bank of the Bheri River, cross a suspension bridge and pass through deep gorges, forest and terraced fields. Then, we reach Tarakot (Renje). This village carries the history of ancient times.

Overnight, we shelter at a camp.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Early in the morning, we take a delicious breakfast and begin our trek to Phoksundo Lake – the purest lake in the Himalayas. From Tarakot, we cross a suspension bridge and pass through buckwheat fields enjoying spectacular views of Putha Himal and Churen Himal in distance. Further, we cross a few streams and reach Khanigaun. Then, we drop to Sandul Gompa and keep following traces through dense forests and narrow gorges. Finally, we reach Laini – a beautiful village in the Phoksundo lake region.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

We enjoy our delicious breakfast at Laini admiring the magnificent vista of the rushing waterfall. The trek today starts in Laini and climbs to a low pass and rocky canyon before descending to the Tilba Khola waterfall. We ascend another slope from here, and then drop to Chyugur Khola and cross the suspension bridges to reach Nawarpani.

We spend the night in the Nawarpani setting up a camp.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, you enjoy one of the variable trails of the trek. Early morning, we follow the gorges down, cross a bridge and then drop to Tarap Chu River. Then, after crossing a wooden bridge over Tarap River, we climb Serkam ridge. After that, we do down to Sishul Khola and reach a valley.

We set up a camp here and spend the night.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

The first hour of today’s walk takes you along a level route that winds its way north through a glacier valley. At the confluence of the Phoksundo Khola and another mountain stream, there is an antique wooden bridge. Taking the hardly perceptible track to the northeast of the valley. You must scramble over rocks and stones and cross a brook that runs down the steep hill since there is no other way. After a steep rise to a sheep pasture, the trail veers into a rocky ravine. The Kang-La, the pass that leads to Shey Gompa, may be viewed from another valley after an arduous journey to the peak.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

The morning trek leads to a difficult ascent covered with slate. The ascent is difficult, especially on the slate screed. The views from the summit of Kang-la (5,160m/16925ft) are spectacular, with a huge valley bisected by a flowing river. After descending sharply to the valley, the trail takes a long meandering trip along the river’s banks, crossing and re-crossing it multiple times.

You pass through meadows where hairy yaks, hundreds of sheep, and domestic mountain goat (Chengra) may be found grazing alongside the herders’ unusual nomadic tent. A scarlet chorten welcomes our arrival at Shey Gompa (4,390m/14,440ft). And, a charming wooden bridge leads up to our overnight camp at Shey Gompa campsite.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we stay at Shey Gompa, explore and rest.

First of all, we visit Shey Gompa – ‘Shey’ means crystal and ‘Gompa’ means monastery. Shey Gompa lies above the intersection of Kangnunala and Yeju Nala Rivers. The Lama of Shey resides at Tsakang Gompa in the north of Shey. Tsakang is famous for meditation. You can further observe prayer wheels, mani walls, prayer flags, stones scripted with Buddhist chants and Buddhist culture.

In Dolpo, the ancient Tibetan way of life combines animism with the teaching of Buddha. In the north of Shey Gompa, you can see Crystal Mountain – the strangest mountain in the region. You feel lost in the beauty of nature surrounded by the purest sacred mountains.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we trek from Shey Gompa to Saldang La. We pass through the grey-stony gorge and follow the zigzag trails which take us to Saldang La.

Further, we descend to and reach Namgung village passing yak and sheep pastures. At Namgung, we visit one famous monastery named Namgung monastery, a red stone structure built against the backdrop of a cliff.

Overnight, we stay at Namgung village.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we leave Namgung village for Saldang – the largest village in the inner Dolpo area. Our trek starts ascending towards Saldang. After a 4-5 hours trek, we reach Saldang.

We spend the rest of the time exploring Saldang village and nearby areas. You can enjoy pristine mountains views, beautiful slopes/cliffs, and a traditional village with stone-built houses, high-altitude farmland and pastures.

Saldang used to be the trade route between Nepal and Tibet. However, it was stopped after China invaded Tibet in 1959. These days, the trade is restored to some extent, and mid-Nepal receives the salt from Tibet which is also filmed in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Caravan’.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

After early breakfast, we trek from Saldang to Yangze Gompa. We follow the trail to Nang Chu River passing by wild barren terrain. With some ups and downs over the slopes, we come to Lurigaun – a small village.

Further, we continue our journey and reach Yangze. We observe Bon-Po Monastery – a very old monastery in the region.

Overnight, we stay at Rangze.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

On this day, we leave Yangze Gompa after early breakfast. Following a long way trail and passing through Nishalgaun and Shimengaun (two remote villages), we reach Saldang for an easier and faster trek to Sibu.

From Saldang, we trek along the riverbed and pass through terraced fields, stupas, chortens, mani walls and Chaiba monastery which takes us to Namdo village. From Namdo, we trek for a further two hours and reach Sibu – a small village. Overnight, we stay here at Sibu.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

After early breakfast, we descend to the Nam Khong Khola (small river) strolling on the caravan of yaks. Then, we walk along the Nam Khong Khola. After walking for a few hours following the same river, we arrive at the intersection of two streams. From here, we climb up to the bottom of Jeng La.

Overnight, we stay here at Jeng La Phedi.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Early morning, we climb trek for about 2 hours to reach the top of the Jeng La Pass. You can enjoy an astonishing view of mountains – Dhaulagiri massifs and other peaks.

After enjoying the best time at Jeng La Pass, we drop down to Tarap valley – a green beautiful valley with vast plains in high mountains and farmland.

Going down, we reach Tarap Chu. We observe traditional villages with their cultivated fields and many gompas, prayer wheels, chortens and mani walls. After a short walk on this beautiful valley, we reach Dho Tarap and take shelter.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we take rest, acclimatize and explore Dho Tarap. ‘Dho Tarap’ means ‘lower end of the valley’ in the Tibetan language.

At Dho Tarap, we see a cluster of houses surrounded by crop fields. Also, trek up to the Ribo Bhumpa Gompa above the village. Inside the chorten, you can see paintings representing both Bompo and Nyingma traditions. From Nyingma Gompa, you can have an excellent view of the Tarap valley.

Also, this night, we spend here at Dho Tarap.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we walk passing the wide valley to the narrow gorges. Further, we pass through juniper bushes and wild roses.  In the afternoon, we reach the intersection of Tarap Chu and Lang Khola.

We set up a camp here at the meadow (Karmakharka) and spend a night.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Early morning, we descend to the gorge of Tarap River and then walk along the riverbed. We might meet Dolpali people taking their herds to lower pastures. Along the way, we have cross stone logs fitted temporary slabs over fast-flowing small rivers, jump and pass through narrow gorges.

Finally, we reach Khanigaun, set a camp and spend the night there.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we trek from Khanikharka campsite to Tarakot village. Following the rough trails, we reach Lalberi village. Further, we continue our trek passing through a beautiful forest and reaching Tarakot which local people call ‘Dzong’ (fort) as it was the capital of this region before the Gorkha dynasty.

We take lunch at Tarakot and continue our trek walking along the Bheri River. Finally, we reach Dunai.

Overnight, we stay at Dunai and celebrate the triumph of our trek.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Today, we do not hurry to commence our trek to Juphal because it’s just a 2-3 hours walk from Dunai. Walking along the Bheri River, we ascend to the small airstrip of Jhuphal.

We set up a camp at Juphal, spend a night for the next day’s flight to Nepalgunj.


  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

Early in the morning, we fly back to Nepalgunj from Juphal in Dolpa. During 30 minutes flights, you can see the Himalayan foothills, pristine mountain views, rolling hills, green forests and human settlements.

When we land at the Nepalgunj airport, if time allows based on the flight schedule to Kathmandu, we take a rest and have something at a luxurious hotel.

Finally, we catch our flight to Kathmandu and land at TIA. We transfer you to your Hotel.

You can take a rest or explore the streets and markets in Kathmandu. Even you can enjoy various cuisines at different restaurants in Thamel – the No. 1 tourist city in Nepal.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

On this final day, offering you a delicate breakfast, we transfer to the Tribhuvan International airport via our private transportation. We bid a happy ‘Goodbye’ to you and wish you a safe flight.

  • Hikking Info: 24
  • Max: 5,160m/16928ft. Kang La pass

What's Included

  • Trekking Permits
  • TIMS Card
  • Necessary Permit and Monuments Entrance Fees
  • Guide (Government-licensed Trekking Guide for all-round support)
  • Porter (Logistic Support)
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with Tea or Coffee)
  • City Accommodation (Normal, 3-Star and 5-Star Hotels)
  • Transportation in Cars or Jeeps (During your Trip)
  • All airport transfers 
  • Luxury Hotel in Kathmandu for two nights with breakfast
  • Flights Kathmandu–Lukla–Kathmandu
  • All airport taxes
  • All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (National Park permit and TIMS)
  • An experienced English-speaking Govt. registered trekking guide and local porters to carry your luggage
  • Guide and porter salaries, insurance, equipment, transport, food, and lodging
  • Full meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner of your choice
  • Supplementary snacks: energy  bar and cookies
  • Seasonal fresh fruits desert every day 
  • Unlimited Chlorine treated Safe Drinking water
  • Accommodation:  Lodge
  • A comprehensive First Aid kit
  • Oxi-meter: To check heart rating and oxygen saturation to Everest Base Camp and return
  • All government and local taxes
  • Trekking equipment: down-filled sleeping bag, walking poles, and duffel bag
  • Souvenir: Trekking Route map printed T-Shirts

What's Excluded

  • International Flight Fare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu 
  • Hot  and bottled drinks
  • Electronic device re-charge
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Hot shower
  • Travel insurance and medical evacuation
  • Tipping



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    • April 21st, 2022

    My sister and I went on a trip to Nepal in Oct 2018. We got in touch with Ram of Lonely Nepal Travels after a few of our friends reccomended him to us, and we were so glad we did! Nepal has so much to offer, and our trip was planned according to our interests and what we wanted to do. It included everything from visiting town squares and cultural/religious sites, to some adventure like bungee jumping/white water rafting/paragliding, and a trek to Poon Hill.

    Everything was taken care of, down to the smallest details, and the guide was so kind as to invite us out for a traditional Nepalese dinner the day we landed in Kathmandu.

    I am already looking forward to planning another trip to Nepal, one exclusively for trekking, with Lonely Nepal Travels’ very experienced guides.


    Jeff N
    • April 21st, 2022

    Ram & his team are highly resourceful! He was able to help us in making the perfect 10 Day plan in Nepal that suits our wants.
    It was smooth, fun and breath taking
    We never worried about a thing, Ram took care of all the details allowing us to really enjoy every minute
    I highly recommend Lonely Nepal Travels for anyone visiting Nepal either on a mission or an adventure 🤙

    • April 21st, 2022

    We went on a 10-day trip to Nepal and had the most amazing time with Ram and the team. They were always there for us, with us throughout our journey to make sure that we were having a blast.
    We went on a 4-days hike, visited Pokhara and Kathmandu, known and unknown places, temples and churches. We had the best local food inside and outside the cities.
    I personally highly recommend Lonely Nepal Travels, they were all so positive, so welcoming and had great knowledge of the history of the country, the traditions, the religions and the areas we were visiting.

    Thank you Ram! We had a great time and will definitely see you again soon!