Why Partner With Us?


Why Partner with Us?

MiceLonely Nepal Travels welcomes you to be one of our valuable partners – it’s creating a value to the customers. Our company, management team and employees reflect the values we adhere to – it’s inclusive, authentic, high-quality, and aspiring way of life.

We at Lonely Nepal Tours are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We know that when people travel, it’s not just a trip or an adventure–it becomes part of their story, and we want this particular chapter in theirs be one filled with laughter and learning as well!

The team here have been handpicked by us because they share these same values: genuine passion for travel along with the ability to work in multi-cultural and multi-lingual atmosphere is what makes them stand out from other companies opting for business alongside ours; but above all else excellence takes priority over anything else.

  1. Strong Management Team

Lonely Nepal Travels runs under a visionary strong management team – educated, experienced and passionate in the field of travel and tourism. Also, we have government-certified & well-experienced guides and locally dwelling strong porters and crew members.

Our team will provide with the necessary support and tools so that we can work together towards a common goal: creating opportunities for success, identifying actionable results which bring about better understanding between parties involved, generating mutual benefits from our partnership as well as providing an exciting environment where businesses can thrive.

We are the best at identifying and creating opportunities for you, so that both of us can get the desirable outcome results without compromising our values or integrity in any way!

  1. High-quality Services

We promise high-quality services at an affordable price with a high success rate. Our business partners and clients already trust our quality and price. Proper billing, no hidden cost and seasonal discounts are some of the proofs. We keep our business partners and guests in priority. Our quality retains high – services, hospitality, food, health and safety. We make every step of travel or trekking experiences awe-inspiring.

  1. Clients’ Health & Safety

To ensure the health and safety of your clients during their trips, Lonely Nepal Travels follows strict health and safety protocols. Trained licensed guides, first aid kits, communication sets, proper trekking equipment and frequent updates to ensure health and safety.

For this, all our trekking guides have received first aid and high-altitude treatment training. And, we maintain proper food habits during the tour/trip. In case of emergency, we respond promptly by air or land. During your trip, we maintain round-the-clock updates with our guides, particularly when the trip is in remote regions.

  1. Well-organized Office Setting

Centered in Thamel – the main tourist city in Nepal, the Lonely Nepal office has been operating its services from a well-managed office (different sections for different staff/purposes). We offer the best-quality transport facilities to our clients for their visits. Besides these, we harness our clients with high-quality equipment for their trekking, expedition and adventure activities.

  1. Best Rates for Partners

Lonely Nepal Travels ties with top-level transport, airlines and restaurants industry so we are able to offer quality services at a reasonable price. Lonely Nepal Travels and our business partners can generate more revenue in this competitive world market with B2B partnerships.

  1. Adhere Environmental Policy

Lonely Nepal Travels understands and follows environmental policies set up by national and international government bodies and agencies. We are committed to protecting the environment. So, we advocate for environmentally-friendly behaviors – use energy-efficient appliances & cooking gas instead of firewood, proper management of wastes at campsites and more.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Tourism

Lonely Nepal Travels is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Our CSR policies guide us in a built-in, self-regulating mechanism, whereby we monitor and ensure that all our business practices adhere to the law, ethical standards, and international norms and values. We advocate for and cater to responsible tourism for sustainability.

  1. Go Beyond Travels & Treks

Lonely Nepal Travels main focus is tours, trekking, adventures and expeditions. However, we go beyond the travels and treks such as MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), Filmmaking, and more.


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